All Nations Consulting & Coaching’s has a unique approach which combines both consulting and coaching. Along with a select team equipped with the experience and capabilities to undertake many of the complex challenges facing the Northwest business communities. Our associates have a diverse portfolio of practical hands-on experience and business degrees.

Consulting Services

Aboriginal and Community Engagement

  • Engagement Plan development
  • Engagement Plan implementation
  • Communication Plan development for successful engagement
  • Communication Plan implementation for successful engagement
  • Public Participation Planning
  • Public Participation Facilitation

Business & Project Management

  • Business Plan development
  • Business Plan implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Research and Project Development
  • Mediation services
  • Proposal and Grant writing

Web Design, Digital and Marketing

  • Digital Communications Plan development
  • Digital Communications Plan implementation
  • Digital Marketing Research
  • Digital Marketing Plan development
  • Digital Marketing Plan implementation

Special Events Planning & Implementation

  • Community to Community events
  • Community Celebration events
  • Business Meeting, Conference & Convention planning & implementation

Coaching Services

  • Life, Social and Relationship
  • Women in Business
  • Women and Violence
  • Self, Others, Death & Spirituality

Start-Up Business Mentoring

  • Developing your Vision – Is my business idea viable
  • Market research
  • ABCs of Business Development – How do I get started

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