Life is about relationships. This is why we provide coaching for both individuals and groups. Here is an example list of some of the different topics we coach on:

  • Discovering, connecting and learning about the region and its Culture
  • Training to Acquire: social skills, office manners, professionalism and team work skills
  • Life & Relationship Coaching
  • The importance of Mentorship and what it means
  • Death, Dying and Suicide Coaching
  • Becoming a Volunteer in your community. The where, what and why of volunteering
  • Mastermind Groups & Retreats
  • Customized Relationship Classes


  • Return to Self
  • My Indigenous Voice
  • Social Media & You
  • Inspire & Motivate
  • Women in Business
  • Lateral Violence
  • Residential School; Journey of Healing!
  • Suicide; It wasn’t You!
  • Death & Dying; It’s not personal!
  • StartUp Businesses & Marketing