All Nations Consulting & Coaching is an Aboriginal-owned business located in Terrace, British Columbia. We have a team of associate consultants servicing the entire Skeena-Northwest, from Port Edward thru to Prince George, to best assist our clients in the areas of Community Engagement, Business Management, and Culture Sensitivity.

We offer a diverse suite of services using the skills and expertise of a team of associates who help diversify and build our company’s reputation.

We provide a wide range of services including aboriginal community engagement, project management services, strategic planning, communications, public relations, facilitation and public participation processes, proposal/grant writing, web design, marketing services, and special events planning.

To support our coaching clients we offer life coaching, community coaching and business start-up mentoring.

We also created the Nation2Nation Events, which include Luncheon, Roundtable and Forums. The N2N Events provided a platform for First Nations leaders to share their perspectives on economic and resource development and major projects.

Our Goals

  • To assist in building healthy respectful relationships and more connected supportive communities.
  • To facilitate increased cultural understanding between aboriginal communities and all who wish to interact with them.
  • To provide strategic advice and services for aboriginal business development.

Our Values

  • We believe successful relationships are built through listening, patience and honoring others with gratitude and support.   All Nations provides excellent strategic advice and services to individuals, communities, companies and agencies.

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